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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Best pubs bars clubs in Whitefield and Chennai

Best pubs, bars, clubs in Whitefield

Whitefield has turned into an important filed for multinational IT companies. This situation led Whitefield to have some of the best pubs bars and clubs in Whitefield for refreshments.

best pubs bars 

·         Pubs

Ø  Windmills Craftworks
You can head to this place after a long day of work and you can enjoy the live jazz music here. It has the perfect ambience for catching up with friends. You must try their Pork Rings and Wings of Fire.

Ø  Biergarten
This pub serves freshly brewed beers and this tastes best with their food offerings. You must order their Crispy Vegetable Cheese Burger, Biergarten Chicken Wings and Tandoori Fish Tikka.
·         Bars
Ø  Shizu-san Shophouse and Bar
This bar is perfect for your outdoor seating and night outs. With their multiple dishes, they offer fine drinks also. Try their water chestnut dumplings, kung pao calamari, steamed edamame and black pepper lobster.

Ø  Red Rhino
Red Rhino is an inspired kitchen and brewery. You should try their pan Asian dumplings with fiery red rhino chilli chicken to fire up the taste buds of yours. And side drink like beer will make the combination more powerful.
·         Clubs
Ø  The Biere Club
This club looks like a European café and it serves brewed fresh beers. You need to try Pepperoni Pizza and craft beer here.

Ø  Whitefield Social
This club is perfect for catching ups and post-work drinks. You should go for their LIT, Honey Chili Fries and Chicken Nachos.
Best Clubs, Night Clubs in Chennai

Chennai is the city of colours and flavours. That’s why many clubs have grown up here. So here is a list of best clubs night clubs in Chennai.

·         Clubs
Ø  The Flying Elephant
If you look for ambience in clubs, then this place may look like a heaven for you. They offer living room, terrace and phenomenal den to their customers. You can enjoy your drinks with the famous music in the town.

Ø  Ink 303
The name of this club is used like this because of its exceptional interiors. This club has a great collection of food and drinks to offer. You should try their oriental cuisine and Thai food.

·         Night Clubs

Ø  M’Bessy
This is one of the best night clubs in Chennai. With quality food and drinks, this place is an exceptional example of night club that offers classy ambience and music. This place is the highest standard club in the city.

Ø  Sera
The splendid drinks and the Spanish décor here can make you visit this night club again and again. Its feisty menu with astounding background music can make you get addicted to this night club. This is one of the finest night clubs in Chennai.

Ø  Based on a true story
This is the only restro bar in the city which offers beachside view of Elliot’s beach. Starting from cocktails to foods, drinks, music everything here is refreshing and relaxing. This place is famous for its tandoori platters.

Go and get your favourite drink in your nearest clubs in Chennai and have a great time ahead!


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  20. Thanks for shining a spotlight on the best pubs, bars, and clubs in the area. I love how diverse your selection is! Whether someone's looking for a cozy pub, a trendy bar, or a lively club, your list has something for everyone.

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