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Monday, June 11, 2018

Pregnancy shopping list For A Mother And Baby

pregnancy shopping list : The third trimester means your new coming baby will knock the door soon. It is also a time to shop some necessary items for you, for your baby and for your sweet home too. Make a shopping list during pregnancy is the first vital job for the baby and would-be mom. If you are getting tired to browse required items, then it is the best place for you to find out the details of the entire item in one place. Important items for pregnancy shopping list third-trimester different for mom and baby.

Pregnancy shopping list 

Shopping for would-be mom -

1. Belly support band - When you’re bally turns largest, the belly support band gives an extra pressure in your pelvis. You can use maternity support band. It gives you comfort when you sleeping r sitting. It helps you to maintain the balance of your body weight perfectly. It helps to reduce the pain of pelvis and legs. You can easily carry it under your garments.

2. Feeding Supplies or Nursing Pillow - This type of pillow helps your baby to prop up who are not able to sit yet. It helps you take the right of your baby for breastfeeding.

3. Nursing Bra - During pregnancy along with different parts your breast will start to change too. It keeps your breast comfortable. It has a special feature. The cup or the bra, you can fold down during the time of breastfeeding. It makes your task easier and quicker.

4. Nipple Cream - It is a special type of cream which is used to disinfect your nipple and keep your nipple fresh and infection free. It maintains the good health of you and your baby.

5. Breast Nursing Pads - post pregnancy sometimes your breasts start to leak then this medicated nursing pad will help to make is dry and disinfected. Silicon-based breast pads prevent to leak the breast milk.

6. Waterproof Bed Liner - It is a protector of a bed sheet. A very important thing for your baby and you. It is very easy and effective item. You can use both side of it. Easily washable also.

7. Water bottle and a Straw - During the labour, you are not sure that what will be the position. At that time the bendable straw and water bottle will help to drink water.

8. Comfortable Wearing - During the post-pregnancy and prepregnancy also you should carry yourself with comfortable dresses such that maximum air should be pass on. The quality of material should be comfortable such as those can make you warm in winter and fresh in summer.


The world is new for your newborn baby. You have to take care them perfectly. Being a new parent you may do not know how to handle the baby and what suppose to their needs. You have to look after their basic needs like a perfect sleeping arrangement, a baby seater, baby foods, diapers, feeding bottles, new soft towel, diaper cream, diaper pail, baby socks, and mittens, comfortable soft new baby dresses, baby carrier, baby bath, and car seat for the baby, toys for baby etc.

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