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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Positives and negatives of IVF treatment

IVF referred as In Vitro Fertilization, is a medical process which most childless couples undertake for fertility. 1 out of 5 couple face fertility issues at some point in their life. Apart from IVF other procedures like ovulation induction are there, IVF has scaled popularity charts in the best possible way.

For a couple facing infertility problems IVF has definite advantages. All medical procedures do come with the baggage of negatives too. Before option for the best IVF centre in Gurgaon it is imperative that you understand pros and cons of this procedure. The best ones in this business would outline a treatment procedure so well thought out decisions are made.

IVF treatment

Benefits of IVF

The main advantage of IVF is a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby. Though this is not an expected outcome for everyone who undergoes this treatment.  Sadly, IVF is not an answer for everyone.

Another benefit of an IVF treatment is bypasses the problems of fallopian tubes in women. IVF was structured for this reason for women who had blockages or tubular damage so that they could have children on their own.

Fertilization confirmation is another plus of IVF treatment. There could be problem with sperm or egg interacting in a normal manner preventing embryo from emerging. If interaction of sperm or egg does not take place no embryos develop as it is a case of failed fertilization. This could be devastating news for a lot of couples as they might have not achieved success of pregnancy in the past.

In case fertilization fails, an option would be to consider fertilization once again. As a method of fertilization ICSI can be adopted. Still if this treatment fails to take off, then you might be seriously thinking of fertility treatment.

IVF could be used as a method where embryos have to be formulated and tested before you transfer it on to the uterus. Couples could also give birth to kids with deformities.

Drawbacks of IVF

The first major loophole of IVF treatment is success cannot be guaranteed. Half the women who are part of an IVF will become pregnant, but of all pregnancies very few are going to result in a baby. Only 25 % of pregnancies contributed to live birth.

The second drawback of IVF is it involves an operative procedure, risks of infection; haemorrhage and anaesthesia risk is avoided. Thirdly prospect of multiple pregnancies would be a major disadvantage with IVF. But most couples are not aware risks posed by multiple pregnancies and the degree by which complications could occur. If more than one embryo is implanted, then chances are that all embryos will face the same fate.

Perhaps the most important drawback is IVF can be very costly. Even though insurance could cover the costs to a certain degree, but a lot of extra costs are associated with IVF treatment. Your private health insurance could cover the hospital expense; other expenses would depend upon the medical condition of the patient.

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