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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

3 Proven Methods For Saving Money When Designing Your Own Ring

Do you know that when you are getting engaged, you can actually design your own ring without paying too much? It is pretty certain that no one desires to pay any more than necessary for any product or service than they need to whenever they are out shopping. Therefore, how do you get to save money when purchasing any engagement rings without compromising performance and quality? This article offers three proven, sure-fire methods that you can use.

1. Shop online to get better quality, prices, and choices
When it comes to creating your ring, you will have to go onto the internet so as to get much better prices and choices. You see, the amazing diamond industry happens to be capital intensive and no brick and mortar store can afford to maintain a sizeable inventory of costly diamonds in-store. This is as a result of the fact that security, insurance premiums, as well as storage fees, will pile up quite fast.

Online stores love operating lean business models that are able to eliminate all unnecessary overheads such as sales staff and store rentals. Consequently, the savings that they enjoy are frequently passed on to their customers. And is we make a like-for-like comparison of a diamond ring between online retailers and conventional brick and mortar jewellery store, the difference in their markups is normally within the range of thirty and fifty percent. In final figures, this could easily translate into thousands of dollars. This is why it is always best to design your own ring online.

2. It is quite okay to go down in clarity/colour
For the majority of diamond engagement ring purchases, most of the costs really come from the centre stone and the 4Cs mainly determine the prices. Due to market demand and rarity, a 1carat D colour, internally spotless diamond can cost considerably more than a 1carat G colour VS2 diamond. Yet, in any side by side comparison, both diamonds might appear precisely the same to untrained naked eyes. The fact is, you do not require high clarity or colour stone for your ring to appear amazing (it’s the cut factor that matters). The personal recommendation of majority of experts and professionals is that you seek eye-clean VS2/SI1 together with G/H colour so that the diamond in the setting, faces up in white colour. And just by shopping smart and being practical, it could make a massive difference in costs.

3. Choose 14K gold rather than 18K platinum
When it comes to choosing metals for the settings of your ring, the most affordable material is certainly 14K gold whereas platinum happens to be the one that is most expensive. For a design that is typical, the difference in price can be as much as two times more. So unless you have a particular reason why you must use platinum, it’s recommended that, for practical reasons, you should use 14K gold.

These are the three foremost methods by which you can save significant money when you are out to design your own ring. Your engagement is only the beginning of a process that culminates on your wedding night. So, it shouldn’t finish your money.

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