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Saturday, March 11, 2023

This Hidden EV Charging Fee Can Result In An Unexpectedly Huge Bill

Of all the virtues extolled about electric vehicles by the various circuits pushing this vehicular revolution, cost savings on fuel has been one of the biggest. It's nice not to be at the mercy of gas pumps, where prices can fluctuate wildly.

But EVs don't come without their own unique costs. You still need to use energy to charge your vehicle periodically, though it's cheaper than gas. Repairs can be shockingly expensive, and you'll want to brace yourself for the sticker shock induced by the inevitable need for a battery replacement.

If ever you need to charge at a public charging station, the costs is typically higher than the electricity you'd use at home. And you'll need to be doubly mindful of how long you want your car to sit idle tethered to one of those public hookups, as you could incur extra fees that might put any gas bill to shame.

Picture this: you're running a little low and you need a quick top up to ensure you make it to your next destination. Luckily, there's a shopping mall nearby with a charging station.

You pull in, connect the charger, and take a stroll inside the mall for a little window shopping and people watching. Perhaps a kiosk employee stops you to beg for your business, or you've decided a quick coffee from the food court would be a nice pick-me-up for the next leg of your trip.

Next thing you know, an hour rolls off the clock, as you head back to your vehicle to check on its progress. Instead of the $5 you thought it'd take to top up, you're shocked by a $40 bill that will have you wondering why you ever upgraded to an EV in the first place.

Your first thought might be that the charger malfunctioned, but it's likelier that you were hit with a heavy fee that the charging station doesn't make immediately obvious.

Idle charging fees can cost you $1 per minuteIf you're unaware, many charging networks have instituted idle charging fees that can rack up a bill significantly if you're not careful. These fees kick in if you've left your vehicle on the hook after it hits 100% capacity.

Tesla, for instance, charges $0.50 per minute if you leave your car on its Supercharger five minutes after your vehicle is fully charged, and that fee can rise up to $1 if that site reaches 100% occupancy. Tesla isn't alone in this practice, either. Electrify America also charges $.40 per minute after 10 minutes.

Your first thought may be that it's a greedy ploy for profitability, and that may be true, but there's good reason for the practice. Aside from offsetting energy costs that are essentially going to waste, these fees incentivize customers to take their vehicles off the charging lot to make way for other EV drivers who may need a spot. That's why Tesla doubles its fee at full site capacity. It's a reasonable ask, but one that can quickly get out of hand if you're not careful.

Thankfully, many electric vehicles have companion apps that can tell you exactly how long it'll take for your vehicle to complete charging. They'll even send notifications once your car is fully charged. The best way to avoid these fees is to plan ahead, ensure your vehicle's app is properly set up and connected, and keep an eye on your phone.

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