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Monday, January 21, 2019

8 Important Tips for Attending A Music Festival Outdoor

Are you planning to attend an outdoor music festival this year? Attending concerts are fun but an outdoor music festival which is as long as 3-4 days it is important to keep some points in mind. Be it the weather that is out or the crowd! You should know these below important music festival tips so that you can prepare yourself accordingly.
So buckle in and let us help you have a great experience of the best music festival in India.

A wise pick up of accommodations
After you buy the ticket, the first decision is where to stay which can be on-site right at the festival or off-site, with a number of different options like a hotel, resort, campground, private house, etc. The best initial music festival tip is to choose it wisely because it lays the groundwork for your entire trip outside of the music festival if you want a break from people, music and chaos.

An appropriate packing.  
You will definitely have a terrible time if you are deciding to just take your wallet and phone for a music festival which is for a 12+ hour day. Below are the must-have things for the music festival.

a.A hat
d.A light jacket for the night or a change of clothes

Opting to rent a locker
You never must have expected that you would need to pack so many things where now you must be wondering as to how you would carry it all day long in your day bag. Lucky for you that most of the music festivals offer lockers for rent where you can store your essentials and come back in between the music sets.

Eating smart
You will most likely be forced to eat on-site during the show. The food might be overpriced and mainly disappointing. You should make sure that you should make smart food choices so that you can keep up the nutrients which will give you ample energy. A music festival is like a marathon and not a sprint where good eating will help you a long way.

Research music in advance
You will obviously know the headline performers but through the music festival, you can discover a new artist. When the stadium setlist is unveiled, you can open your music app and listen to songs from the artists which you have never heard of. You can make a list of the band which has heightened your interests and when it is time for the festival, you can make a decision as to which band you want to see.

Other important tips to look out for are:
*Arriving early to see your favourite artist
*It’s more about enjoying yourself rather than recording from your phone
*Wise use of phone battery.

So what’s the wait? Now you can enjoy to the fullest to some of the best festivals like the Jaipur music festival in India. 

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