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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Surprising elements during the phase of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time which is accompanied by some pleasant and not so pleasant changes. But there are some facts about pregnancy that would really go on to surprise you. Let us go through them
Keep away from raw meat

Raw meat carries the risk of foodborne illness. The possibility of food poisoning cannot be ruled out as well.

phase of pregnancy

All these conditions can go on to because life threatening disorders which could point to miscarriage or even serious birth defects. Do ensure that you cook all the eggs or meat before you goes on to consume them.

Have sex

Sex during pregnancy is fine till the point you have a high risk pregnancy or placenta issues. Till water breaks sex with your partner is safe. If there is a degree of discomfort you can opt for new positions. Do discuss with your doctor if you have any issues with safety during intercourse.
Unpasteurized milk products are a strict no

For babies calcium is really important, but mothers have to be really careful about the source of calcium.

As raw milk is unpasteurized it is unsafe for a pregnant mother. It means heating takes place to kill bacteria and make you fall ill.

Practice yoga

Hot yoga or Bikram needs to be avoided at all costs. If you are expecting certain other yoga modules are fine. Opt for prenatal yoga classes that are designed for pregnant women. The instructors of this class are going to guide you what postures to opt and what to avoid.

In case if you were doing yoga before pregnant, discuss with your doctor before you sign for a class. The moment you are ready to start do ascertain the benefits along with risks with your doctor.

Do not sit in a hot bath tub

A hot bath tub may pose a lot of danger to a pregnant mother. If you go on to use it in the first trimester of your pregnancy the chances of miscarriage is going to increase. If you soak in hot water the body temperature can go on to increase and this could cause a lot of problems to a developing baby including birth defects.

Opt for a flu shot

Pregnant woman should take a vaccine until and unless they have other reasons to avoid them. The vaccine is going to protect a developing baby 

Take care of your skin

During pregnancy a lot of hormonal along with chemical changes take place in your body. Pregnancy skin disorders can emerge at any point of time when you are pregnant. Do follow a proper skin care regime and it is advisable to opt for pregnancy skin disorders which will ensure 

wellbeing of your skin.

Do not commit the mistake of drinking a lot of caffeine
If you increase intake of caffeine it can travel through the placenta and increase heart rate of your baby. For a woman they can consume a couple of cups of coffee a day that is within permissible limits.

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